Government: Recording a business meeting without the participants’ knowledge is like seeking conflict

The Council of Ministers
The Council of Ministers. Photo: Archive

The Council of Ministers /CoM/ with the participation of Minister of Transport Nikolay Sabev and his regional counterpart Grozdan Karadzhov invited representatives of carriers to a meeting to present the forthcoming measures of the government and to hear their proposals. The meeting was a business one and was not supposed to be recorded without the knowledge of the participants. This was stated in the position of the government, after carriers released a recording, which is allegedly from the event in question. It also states:

The presence of a recording suggests that a conflict has been sought. The cabinet is definitely not looking for conflict. The proof is the initiation of a series of talks with the industry.

Unfortunately, no dialogue was found with some of the representatives of the sector at the meeting. The government thanked those who remained and were ready to discuss how best to support them.

One of the measures the cabinet will launch next week is to request a derogation from the EU for exemption from excise duties on electricity and natural gas. Pursuant to Article 15 of Directive 2003/96 / EC of the Council of the European Union of 27 October 2003 restructuring the Community legal framework for the taxation of energy products and electricity, Member States may apply full or partial exemptions or reduced tax rates on electricity from renewable energy sources; energy products and electricity used for the transport of goods and passengers by rail, metro, tram and trolleybus, as well as electricity, natural gas, coal and solid fuels for household use. Exemption from excise duty on natural gas is also permissible for Member States where the share of natural gas in final energy consumption is below 15%.“

Earlier today, it became clear that there is a continuation of the scandal that emerged after the meeting between the Prime Minister and carriers yesterday. We remind you that representatives of the companies left offended and said that the Prime Minister fired them. It was they who distributed the recording, which was allegedly made during the meeting and one of the votes was by Petkov. It reads:

If you want, you can always leave. This is… You are invited at any time. If you’re bored, get out – the door is there. (…) Believe me, if you don’t want to listen, the door is there. Here it is. Behind you. No… I decide here how I will speak and what I will speak.“, a voice, which is supposed to belong to Petkov said.

Minister Karadzhov said that the Prime Minister had been repeatedly provoked by the carriers.

Last night, the Union of International Carriers announced that it was preparing for protests on May 10.

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