Georgi Nikolov in a fight with the Municipality of Burgas for property: They are threatening my life!

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The case of Georgi Nikolov and the Municipality of Burgas, related to properties in the Akatsiite district of Burgas, goes beyond good manners. He turned to to express his concern that his life was in danger. Nikolov claims that Zlatan Hristov, the Municipality’s legal advisor, threatened him.

„During the trial at the beginning of March this year, I met with Mr. Zlatan Hristov and told him: ‘There is a decision of the Constitutional Court and you have to comply with it,”. Then he replied: “I don’t care, you are a trickster and you hold municipal and state property. We took your property and if necessary we will take your life too. He started threatening me with his father /Emil Hristov/, who was a former appeal judge of Burgas,“, Nikolov commented in a special interview with the media.

After a check by Georgi Nikolov, he found out that father Emil Hristov was associated with the underground of Burgas. He was adamant:

“That’s why I’m really worried after checking these things that it could affect my life. The property is on the side, but my life is threatened. These people are capable of anything. Is this the way to act in Burgas? Burgas is a mafia city or the best city to live in. Everyone is tied up in some structure, and these same people will want to rule our city again.“

„Since 2017, I have also been hospitalized several times for high blood pressure, diabetes and heart failure. The reason is that I see that the decision of the Constitutional Court is not a factor for the Municipality. I saw that for them the decision of the Supreme Administrative Court is also not a factor, because any failure to comply with a court decision should be criminally liable. This means suspension of the Constitution, regardless of who, it is a crime from anywhere,“, Nikolov emphasized.

According to the victim, in 1926 the state tried to „put things back on track“, but failed. Nikolov pointed out:

„For more than 15 years, I have been in a state of struggle with the Municipality so that they do not take my property. They have gone so far as not to recognize any judicial decisions and think that their decisions are the most correct.”

„There is the Constitutional Court Decision No. 3 of 24 February 2022, namely that on 1 January 2018, the Council of Ministers, did not extend the moratorium and therefore from 31 December 2017 to 19 January 2018, the perpetual effect of the prescriptive possession is revoked. Therefore, the Constitutional Court believes this is contrary to the Constitution itself and Article 4 para. 1, where our state must obey the laws, but the Municipality does not respect them, retroactively returning the legal effect of their moratorium. The Constitutional Court itself says that this cannot be the case because in this case rights are being taken away. In Article 17 para. 1 and 3 states that the right to property stands above everything and that is why I filed the cases. I was also forced to take legal action against them to get paid for the improvements I made, but apparently the Municipality want to take the property for no money to give to some of their people. The Municipality filed an additional lawsuit demanding that I pay them rent. This is a complete paradox – to pay rent on my property. Then they made me pay my taxes three times in one year. This way, they wanted to ruin me,“, Nikolov claimed.

Georgi Nikolov’s property is nearly 11 acres. He said that his grandfather got it from a Turk in 1913, but he had no documents at the time. According to him, since 1963 there has been a permission ticket, which was issued to legalize the buildings. The notarial deed was issued on the basis of documents in 2012 and 2016. In 2017, the Municipality filed a lawsuit to prove that the property there was state property and therefore became municipal. He stated:

“The moment I legalized it, the cases started. They want to acquire the property for their use. In the whole „Acacias“ district, which is 250 decares, probably in more than 200 decares people do not have natural acts. By this I understand that Bulgaria as a rule of law is very far away. I see how many people have been hurt by bailiffs, just because of things like this.“

Georgi Nikolov does not give up his fight against the municipality of Burgas. He was adamant that he would file complaints about the threat by Zlatan Hristov and the actions of the local government to the Regional Police Department of Burgas, to the Ministers of Justice and Interior and to the Prosecutor’s Office. The victim hopes to keep his property and his health.

The team will continue to monitor the case, remaining open for all affected parties in the case to speak.

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