Financial aid for trade in Bulgarian greenhouse fruits and vegetables

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Local grocery chains can apply for financial aid to market Bulgarian vegetables and fruits. BGN 5 million is the sum to be allocated by the State Fund Agriculture. The documents are being accepted from today until May 31st.

122 small food chains can benefit from this kind of help. They need to give their customers direct access to the fresh tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers produced in the greenhouses.

The funds will offset part of the costs of the logistics, transport, packaging, sorting and marketing of the products.

The scheme is designed for local chains that have stores in one or more administrative areas. In this way, they will assist in connecting consumers and producers.

The envisaged single rate amounts to BGN 400 per ton of cucumbers, BGN 600 for tomatoes and BGN 800 for peppers.

The traders need to prove to State Fund Agriculture that they have bought the farmers’ products. This should be presented through invoices.

The financial aid is part of measures being introduced by the state as a relief for farmers affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

The team recalls that Mariana Miltenova from National Gardening Association said that no increase in prices in retail chains is expected because of the obligation of 50% of their products to be Bulgarian.

She described such claims as manipulative and explained that shoppers see how much native vegetables and fruits cost in the markets. This way, people realize that it will not be possible to pay more.

Translation: Gloria Yordanova

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