Dimitrov: A sort of caretaker presidential republic is being created

Мартин Димитров
Мартин Димитров. Снимка: Facebook

Something that looks like a caretaker presidential republic is being created in front of our eyes, “Democratic Bulgaria” MP Martin Dimitrov said and noted that what was happening was without precedent. He is worried about the weak resistance of civil society after nearly 10 months of rule of the head of state, who, in his words, aimed to do exactly that.

The politician noted that in July, the President had held consultations before giving the third mandate and posed a rhetorical question as to why there was no consultation now. He felt that it would have been seen now that the BSP had the least chance of forming a regular cabinet.

„Radev aims to continue governing, but he already bears a huge responsibility – for the euro area, Schengen, the Recovery Plan,“, Dimitrov pointed out.

Dimitrov is adamant that DB had a very good idea – a caretaker cabinet of the Bulgarian parliament with five priorities, but without a coalition agreement. In his words, April will be a key month for our eurozone membership. The caretaker government should not be the rule but the exception.

„The President made it a rule, he has the support of GERB and MRF lately, who have not criticized him in the last 6 months,“, he also noted.

The lawmaker said the caretaker cabinets were out of control because there was no one to correct their mistakes and no one to press them to work.

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