„BOETS“ to Vasil Terziev: Withdraw, it’s a moral issue!

Георги Георгиев
Георги Георгиев. Снимка: Скрийншот от видео на "БОЕЦ"

„Mr. Terziev, step down, it’s a matter of morality!“

With these words, the „BOETS“ civil movement once again called on Vasil Terziev to withdraw his candidacy for mayor of Sofia. It was officially launched by „We continue the change“, „Democratic Bulgaria“ and „Save Sofia“ at the end of June.

„BOETS“ reminds that his uncle is Pavel Terziev from 06 Directorate of the DS-MIA, the officer-in-charge of agent „Lyubomir“ – judge Todor Enchev Todorov from the Constitutional Court. He is one of the seven judges, with whose vote the lustration texts in the Law on Administration, published in the State Gazette, no. 130 of November 5, 1998. These texts never entered into force, as the Constitutional Court canceled them with its Decision No. 2/21.01.1999, published in the State Gazette, no. 8 of 1999

„BOEC“ published a video address in which Georgi Georgiev called on Vasil Terziev to resign.

„Pavel Terziev and his agent Lubomir killed the lustration in Bulgaria, and the lustration that did not happen led to the transition that did not happen. It led to 2 million Bulgarians leaving their homeland, and Bulgaria becoming the poorest and most corrupt country, to a monstrous lack of justice and impunity for thieves.”

“That is why today millions of Bulgarians do not vote, because they do not believe that anything can change. Because they see that for eight decades the same clans and families have turned into dynasties and are spinning at the head of power.“

„BOETS“ specifies that Vasil Terziev is not responsible for his uncle’s actions, but he is responsible for his actions, answering to his own conscience and acting according to his own morals.

The civic movement is calling on him to give the capital’s democratic community a chance to breathe freely and put forth a unifying candidate, with the authority and business card voters deserve.

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