BOETS: Five MPs from „We Continue the Change – Democratic Bulgaria“ will not vote for a cabinet with GERB

Снимка: БОЕЦ
Снимка: БОЕЦ

„So far, five MPs from „We continue the Change – Democratic Bulgaria“ will not vote for a replacement cabinet with GERB. For years, the leaders of „Democratic Bulgaria“ /DB/ have been accusing BOETS (Fighter) of hindering them with our activity, because it reflects their passivity and that we are „interfering in the work“ of the parliamentary group with our demands for the impeachment of Radev, for reacting to our reports against Borissov, Geshev, Radev, Peevski, Koprinkov. After all, they don’t want to do dangerous work. Recently, „We continue the Change“ have been accusing BOETS of the same „sins“ – we are looking for responsibility and action from them, and not admiring their wisdom and rotational perversion.“

This was noted by the civil movement. 4 days ago, its Chairman, Georgi Georgiev, spoke personally with each of the MPs of „We continue the Change – Democratic Bulgaria“, asking them the following 3 questions:

  1. Did you promise before the elections that you would make a cabinet with Boyko Borissov and GERB?
  2. How would you vote in a hall for a common cabinet of shame with GERB?
  3. Are you ashamed?

„Many of the MPs are hiding or writing messages. I will have to track them down in the next few days and meet them in person if they don’t answer the phone calls. I’ll do it, it’s important. No one has escaped from BOETS so far. I get different answers. Some people grumble to me that they do not agree with this betrayal, but I don’t realize that if they vote against it and we go to new elections, they will be thrown off the list and they will no longer be MPs, but they really want to! Another man insists that I should show understanding and feel sorry for him, how he is in a very difficult situation, what a pain it is for him, and I don’t understand it…“, Georgiev commented, adding:

„A third person told me – „I voted against it at the national council, but Kiril made us vote several times until 03:00 at night and finally the result was reversed. I don’t know how it happened, but I have to comply with the Party. I mean – The party is right even when it is wrong“. A friend – an MP from the DB told me that by looking for responsibility from them, I am behaving like a dictator. So, Boyko Borissov is no longer a dictator, and I am the dictator…?!“

The statute of BOETS is public. In the state of the mafia and civil control, there is no one else to exercise it but BOETS, and therefore our responsibility is even greater, the union added.

„So far, five people (four from „We continue the Change“ and one from DB) have told me that they will not vote for a government with GERB and Borisov. Although a minority, I believe that there are enough decent people in the „We continue the Change – Democratic Bulgaria“ group to stop the betrayal of the citizens and not to return the mafia to power! In a few days we will count the worthy and the shameless. BOETS, as representatives of civil society and with the right of our 10-year struggle against the mafia, we will seek personal responsibility from each of the MPs for the lies and betrayals. As we have always done. We do not accept hiding behind general party irresponsibility in the GERB model! The battle continues,“, the movement concluded.

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