Vladimir Kissiov: Today, Radev made a triple blow

Владимир Кисьов
Владимир Кисьов. Снимка: Скрийншот от видео на "NOVA"

The chances of forming a regular cabinet are zero, and President Rumen Radev made a triple blow today. This was noted by former chief negotiator with the European Union Vladimir Kissiov.

„First, the fact that he gave the mandate to the BSP, which answered all the attacks of the BSP and personally of Ninova. Second, he ensured his continued rule of the entire country. The third, which nobody notices, is that he opened the chance for those who left the BSP to establish a new left. Thus, an opportunity was given to those disappointed by the BSP to join the so-called „new left“ that will be based now.“,the expert explained.

Kissov also commented on the case related to the renegotiation of the National Recovery and Sustainability Plan (NRSP), „What kind of sustainability will the interim government negotiate for when the whole society is very unsustainable at the moment. We see what chaos is in the country.“

The plan was either signed by people who do not understand anything or were „inept, unprofessional, incompetent“, the politician believes. He is adamant that the death sentence in the energy part cannot be signed.

„If we now reduce emissions by 40%, it means to close the thermal power plants,“, Kissiov said and described the decision as a „complete betrayal“.

In my words, this commitment was made in order to buy batteries.

„A battery is a consumable. To bet billions to buy consumables, that’s another kind of crime again. These batteries have a statute of limitations. There is no sustainability in such an investment of funds,“, Kissov explained, adding that there was no pressure from Brussels, but „stupidity on our part.“

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