The movie „The Golden Border: Kapitan Andreevo“ was released

Капитан Андреево - Златната граница
Капитан Андреево - Златната граница. Снимка: Фейсбук

The story related to the Kapitan Andreevo checkpoint becаme a symbol of the struggle against the conquered state. Tons of poisonous food managed to reach the Bulgarian table without a problem, thanks to a private company that allowed this to happen for 10 years.

A few hours ago, the documentary was released, reflecting what is happening at the largest land border in Europe. A story of the corruption that kills and the lawlessness of  thugs in the present day.

How did a crime happen every day for years? Why didn’t they believe that anyone would dare to stop it? See the whole truth, told in first person by the people who exposed the crime game that has become the epitome of a mafia-run country.

We remind you that months ago the editorial email received information about schemes carried out at the Kapitan Andreevo checkpoint. According to the data in the letter, the scheme can be defined as among those of the decade, because the state was damaged, and hundreds of millions went into private pockets.

The scheme is a typical example of politicians and rulers who have sold the national interest to benefit themselves and their allies, the sender of the letter pointed out.

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