The CITUB insists that the minimum wage should be BGN 700 from November

Пари в плик
Пари в плик. Снимка: СДВР, Facebook

The CITUB insists that the minimum wage should be BGN 700 from November, the unions said. A study by the Institute for Social and Trade Union Research found that food prices rose this month compared to the end of August, “bTV” reported.

According to the CITUB, the alarming price increase before the winter period necessitates the discussion of measures for financial compensation of non-household electricity consumers. The unions insist on a stable income policy. According to their study, double-digit growth is reported on an annual basis in a number of observed food products.

This includes essential goods. The unions noted that the prices of flour and potatoes rose by about 10%, carrots by 16%, the prices of cabbage, red pepper, tomatoes and cucumbers increased by more than 20%, peaches and watermelons by about 30%, oil by 43% and eggs by 8%.

The meat and meat products group recorded lower price growth, as did dairy products and sugar. The price of bread has started to rise smoothly, up 5. 5% year-on-year.

After the change of the thermal energy prices from 1 July there may be a new increase of the heating and hot water prices from the beginning of 2022. The trade unions recall that since the end of August gasoline has risen by 3% and diesel by 3. 5%, while propane-butane has seen a change of up to 9. 9%.

At the same time, the annual increase in fuel prices is already being felt by households in Bulgaria. The CITUB specified that gasoline and diesel were about 30% more expensive and propane-butane increased by 51. 7% compared to September last year.

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