Svetoslav Malinov: TISP is the key to forming a cabinet, „We continue the Change – Democratic Bulgaria“ will go in opposition

Народно събрание
Народно събрание. Снимка: Архив

„GERB, MRF and TISP can currently agree on a cabinet, but it obviously cannot be with Prime Minister Borissov – they must be acceptable figures for TISP“.

This is what Svetoslav Malinov, lecturer at Sofia University and former MEP, stated after the next early parliamentary elections, which put our country facing a political crisis and the impossibility of forming a cabinet.

In his words, GERB and MRF have firmly decided to govern because going to new elections will put Boyko Borissov’s party in an awkward position of the first political force that has failed to form a government. According to him, Delyan Peevski will again be a mandatory partner of GERB in the government.

Malinov made a prediction that this time „We Continue the Change-Democratic Bulgaria“ will remain in opposition because such a clear sign was given to them by the voters during the election campaign. In his view, in this role, the coalition will have the opportunity to enforce the maintenance of a certain political course and exercise control over the government.

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