Stefan Petrov, OPBC: The actions of Biser Rusimov show what a valuable, quality and valiant Bulgarian he is!

Стефан Петров
Стефан Петров. Снимка: Искра.бг

Biser Rusimov withdrew from the election race. This became clear from a post on social networks. He is one of the faces of the „Organization for the Protection of Bulgarian Citizens“ /OPBC/, and subsequently a member of „We Continue the Change“, who was part of the party’s list of candidates for the Burgas multi-mandate district. The patriotic Bulgarian was attacked and threatened by representatives of the LGBT community on Facebook.

The team contacted Stefan Petrov, who is Rusimov’s associate in the OPBC, and asked him a few questions about the situation. He commented:

„According to the post, he himself decided to step down because of some online attack of colored beings, because Biser Rusimov was a homophobe. These statements are not true. From what I’ve read, I understand that he doesn’t have any pressure from „We continue the change“. Rusimov, as a proud Bulgarian, decided to give up the list in order not to harm the overall campaign of the „We Continue the Change“. These actions of his show what a valuable, quality and valiant Bulgarian he is.

When asked: „Do you confirm the fact that he opposes people of different sexual orientation?„, Petrov answered:

No, Biser Rusimov is not against these beings, but he is in favor of preserving the traditional Bulgarian family and normal relations between a man and a woman. Rusimov’s actions are being misinterpreted, because he only opposes corruption and actions that are against the Bulgarian people.

Under the pressure of such individuals, all kinds of outrages are happening in the current government structures. If the institutions „squat“ at every „scream“ of these beings, then it is better to end Bulgaria,„, the representative of the patriotic organization pointed out.

According to Petrov, from „We Continue the Change“ they will not defend their deputy candidate from the Burgas multi-mandate district. On the other hand, he believes that Konstantin Bachiyski will support Biser Rusimov.

„I am convinced that Bachiyski will support Biser in every one of his decisions. I am sure that he will defend him in front of Kiril Petkov, Asen Vassilev and in front of the colorful creatures. Bachiyski has proven himself over the years, as we would stand by his side, I am convinced that he will stand by ours,„, Stefan Petrov concluded.

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