Radev: There are no small and big political forces in Parliament, the responsibility is common

Румен Радев
Румен Радев. Снимка: БТА

There are no small and big political forces in parliament because the responsibility is common.“

This is what President Rumen Radev said at the start of the consultations with the sixth largest parliamentary group in the 48th National Assembly, „Democratic Bulgaria“ (DB). He noted that at the last parliamentary elections the Bulgarians did not vote confidence in any political force to govern alone and now Parliament is fragmented. In his words, this makes the efforts to elect a majority to solve the important problems facing Bulgarian society a difficult but not impossible process.

„Moreover, besides forming a government, there are many other important tasks ahead of Parliament,“, the Head of State insisted, adding:

„I follow with concern what is happening in the Bulgarian Parliament and it seems to me that this is not what the Bulgarian citizens expect. What we all expect is consolidation to find a successful formula for forming a government, for solving the important problems.“

According to the President, however, the confrontation is increasing and new dividing lines are being drawn. He also said during the consultations that he was „highly critical of the DB’s calls to disarm on the brink of war before we arm ourselves with new equipment to master„. The Head of State demanded specific estimates from DB on military aid to Ukraine, while party Co-Chairman Hristo Ivanov defended Bulgaria’s position to send arms. Once again, Radev developed his thesis against helping Ukraine with arms.

You want to challenge our theses, which we didn’t have,„, Ivanov said.

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