Protesters enter Parliament

National Assembly
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The protesters in front of the National Assembly elected 15 of their representatives to enter the Parliament building a few minutes ago. This happened after the demonstrators tried to invade earlier and managed to break through the police cordon several times.

A representative of the law enforcement officials, who was authorized, was then called from the protest podium to go and talk to them. After some time of appeals, it happened. A representative of the uniformed forces talked to the protesters and it was decided that 15 of them would enter the National Assembly.

The protesters continue to chant „Resign!“ and are adamant that they will not back down from their demands. They demand that all restrictive measures be lifted and life in the country be normalized. The demonstrators present at the protest organized by „Vazrazhdane“ political party strongly oppose the „Green Certificate“ and forced vaccination. It was made clear from the rostrum that they would not give up until they had won their freedom, because it was not given for free.

People want to leave to their children a Bulgaria as it was bequeathed to them by their ancestors.

Representatives of the thousands of protesters in front of the National Assembly waited for more than half an hour in front of the back entrance of the Parliament building. However, it turned out that no one would accept them. Therefore, the protest and the attempt to enter the building will be resumed. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Kiril Petkov invited 10 representatives of the protesters to a meeting on Friday. President of the National Assembly Nikola Minchev could also talk to them after his quarantine ended.

The police, for their part, reported that four of their officers had been injured in the attempt to enter the Parliament building and confirmed that one of the protesters had been arrested for carrying a gas pistol.

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