Part of the swamp near the „Meden Rudnik“ complex is being filled up for the sake of the Industrial and Logistics Park

Обход за ж.к. "Меден рудник"
Обход за ж.к. "Меден рудник". Снимка: Община Бургас

In the swamp, which is located between the Burgas residential complex „Meden Rudnik“ and the road to the Southern Black Sea coast, backfilling activities are being carried out. This is what a citizen of Burgas claimed in a report to

„A large amount of construction waste is dumped on the site – bricks, concrete, fittings, old tiles and others. Among them there is also a lot of household waste. All this mass is pushed by a forklift into the water.“

In his letter, he expressed an assumption that the backfilling activities are being carried out in connection with the construction of the new industrial zone near the complex or for the future route of the Southern Bypass, which will pass over the water.

Here is what the Municipality of Burgas replied:

„At the moment, nothing is being done along the route of the bypass, as the procedure for selecting a contractor is underway. Backfilling activities are carried out to secure the territory of Phase 2 of the Industrial and Logistics Park – Burgas. Investors have already been attracted there and are preparing to build their enterprises“.

The  visualizations on the Industrial Logistics Park website show that some of the vacant land for future properties (in purple) is in the water. This is probably where the expansion of the construction area is currently taking place. The plot in question has a square footage of 24,035 m2 and is designated as vacant land for a production warehouse site. Sold properties located in the most desirable terrains near the road are marked in blue. would like to remind you that at the end of last week, a public tender was announced for the selection of a contractor for the design and construction of the Southern Bypass of the complex, which will have to ease the traffic entering and exiting it. The route will pass through the same swamp, exiting shortly after the gas station on the road to Sozopol.

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