Old Stoyan, who collected tons of waste in Burgas: The neighbors first laughed at me, but then they started helping me

Кофи за разделно събиране на боклуци
Кофи за разделно събиране на боклуци. Снимка: Pixabay

More than 51 000 points were collected by old Stoyan Mitev from Burgas in the competition of Burgas Municipality for separate collection of waste in mobile centers. He won an e-reader after finishing with a big lead over runners-up Proletina Halacheva – 38,000 points and Nedka Shopova – 34,000, who won a fitness bracelet and a coffee maker.

Visibly excited Stoyan Mitev told Iskra.bg that he has taken the idea as a personal cause and has been fighting to keep the city clean and friendly. He managed to collect the large number of points with hard work, honesty and ambition.

„In the beginning there was ridicule from my neighbours for collecting rubbish for recycling, but eventually they also realised that I was not doing anything wrong and the cause was noble. They started giving me waste themselves, like paper, bottles and old appliances. In this way I was able to ambition them not to throw this rubbish in the mixed waste bins, but to separate and recycle“.

He shared that he mainly returned paper, plastic bottles, aluminum jugs, caps, as well as large and small electrical appliances.

In order for the readers of Iskra.bg to get an idea of ​​the amount that Stoyan managed to collect and return for recycling in 2023, they should know that a washing machine or refrigerator equals 300 points, 1 kilogram of aluminum cans equals 100 points, and 1 kilogram of plastic equals 30 points. This practically means that Stoyan returned several tons of waste, helping Burgas to become a cleaner city.

„I will undoubtedly continue my involvement next year! I’m not just doing this for the points, I have my own inspiration… If there had been incubators for newborn babies back in the day, which is why the cap collection campaign was started so long ago, my sisters wouldn’t have aborted in the seventh month of pregnancy and their children would be alive. I am doing this thing on the one hand – for cleanliness , and on the other hand – in their memory. That’s why I’ll never stop!”

Citizens who believe in the environmental cause and manage to return a huge amount of material for recycling are usually involved in the initiative of Burgas Municipality for separate disposal of waste in the mobile centers. Part of the waste was collected from the streets of the city, where unscrupulous citizens en masse throw away plastic bottles and jugs of soft drinks. Last year, about 80,000 tons of waste were delivered to the vans, which unfortunately shows some regression from previous years.

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