Ninova reported on what they had agreed on with „There is such a people“, BDB will not be privatized

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The Bulgarian Development Bank (BDB) will not be privatized. The BSP and „There is such a people“ agreed on this during the negotiations between them. In addition, the country will not withdraw from key sectors. On the contrary. The aim is to strengthen its role as a regulator. The news was announced by BSP leader Cornelia Ninova during a briefing in the National Assembly. She said they had agreed with „There are such people“ on eight key priorities.

Among the measures agreed is the reduction of licensing regimes. The aim is to minimize the burden on small and medium-sized businesses. An education and economy map will also be drawn up, outlining companies’ need for staff.

Understanding has also been reached to reduce regional disparities. For this purpose, there will be a special fund for the backward parts of the country in next year’s budget. The municipalities will be able to benefit from a larger part of the funds from taxes they collect.

As for the „Maritsa East“ mines, Brussels will be asked to extend the deadline so that a workable solution can be found for employees. The preservation of nuclear energy is also an issue on which agreement has been reached.

According to Ninova, with these priorities the BSP is fulfilling the commitment it has made to its voters. She stressed that they will continue to take into account the results of the negotiations because they insist on transparency.

Ninova also commented on the tension between „There is such a people“, „Democratic Bulgaria“ and „Stand up. BG! e are coming! ”, which was created today, saying that the negotiations are bilateral and it is none of their business. According to her, these political forces need to understand each other.

Ninova stressed that Bulgaria currently needs stability and the formation of a regular government. However, the BSP itself will wait for the composition of the next Council of Ministers to be announced.

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