Migrant from the crashed bus in Burgas: We were hidden under the seats, I heard the sirens 10 minutes before the collision

Съдебна палата
Съдебна палата в Бургас. Снимка: Искра.бг

„They took us from the forest around midnight. My brother’s child was with me. They put us on the bus, telling us to hide under the back seats so they wouldn’t see us from outside. We took off in the bus and there was a loud bang, but I couldn’t make out what it was.“

This is what Walit Hadmid, the witness in the case of the death of the two policemen in Burgas, told the court today. He testified after being warned that he faced 5 years of „imprisonment“ if he lied. The Syrian stated that he did not know defendant Omar Adnan and was seeing him for the first time. He was traveling on the bus with his brother’s 8-year-old child.

„During the ride there were two people up front that I couldn’t see in the dark, but I could clearly hear them telling us to keep our heads down and not show ourselves. Then when the crash happened, there were broken windows that fell on my nephew Baver.“

According to him, sirens of the pursuing police vehicle were heard in the bus for about ten minutes.  The speed of the bus was felt to be the same throughout the journey.

“I can’t remember how fast the bus was going, but I think it was fast. When we heard the sirens we were scared, but what startled us the most was the loud collision. I didn’t feel him hit the brakes or speed up because we were all on top of each other.  I did not hear any of the passengers calling the driver to stop. Throughout the journey, my eyes were on my brother’s child. There were curtains on the windows of the bus.“

Walit Hadmid said that he, along with the other illegal migrants, had entered Bulgaria illegally through a hole in the wire fence at the border, after which he was picked up by a bus. The group was led through the woods by two people whom Hadmid later did not see in the vehicle.

„I was afraid of two things. One was getting caught by the police because there would be consequences. The second was a crash, because right at the beginning in the woods there were slight bumps of the bus into trees, which scared us even more.“

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