Kiril Petkov: I will not be part of this Council of Ministers

Кирил Петков
Кирил Петков. Снимка: Министерски съвет

„I will not be part of this Council of Ministers. This format is not a coalition, on the contrary – it was created precisely because we cannot form a coalition with GERB,“, Co-Chair of „We Continue the Change-Democratic Bulgaria“ Kiril Petkov said in his Facebook profile.

„It must be clearly acknowledged that the promise not to have a single person associated with GERB in a future cabinet with a second mandate has not been kept with Maria Gabriel. If our friends and voters have felt terrible about this fact, I apologize,“, Petkov wrote. Yesterday, GERB-UDF and „We Continue the Change-Democratic Bulgaria“ agreed on a rotation government with the second mandate.

„It is important to note that the change of prime minister will be a fact, but the ministers remain the same. This model of government, when there is an impossibility for two parties to be in a coalition, but also an impossibility to form a cabinet without a general vote in Parliament, is the only one possible – we borrow it from countries like Ireland, Israel and Romania,“, Kiril Petkov explained on social networks. He also wrote:

„Some people say „You have to form the government, but in 9 months you might not support it“. No. On the contrary, we will keep our responsibility in this formula and we are doing it to get to at least 18 months, governing. 18 months is the minimum term for Schengen, the Eurozone, work on the recovery plan and unblocking all infrastructure projects.“

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