Ivaylo Mirchev: Borissov forgot the energy minefield that GERB bequeathed

Ивайло Мирчев
Ивайло Мирчев. Снимка: Демократична България

Modern Boyko Borisov is like Vasko the Frog’s old belly dance – it appears out of nowhere and in 2022 he sounds like folk music from the 90s.

Ivaylo Mirchev from „Democratic Bulgaria“ wrote this on Facebook, where he noted that yesterday Borisov established that „Yes, Bulgaria“ was to blame for the energy crisis, forgetting the minefield that GERB bequeathed and the „energy tyranny“ of the leader himself. Mirchev specified:

  • At the end of its rule in 2021, Bulgaria is almost 100% energy dependent on Russia.
  • Zero energy diversification – gas, oil, nuclear fuel.
  • Sabotaging the opportunities for Bulgaria to have alternative gas supplies;
  • He ran the pipe from the Greek connection under the “Studen kladenets” dam to delay it as much as possible and instead of starting work on it in 2010, it is only happening in 2019;
  • He served Putin by building „Turkish Stream“ through Bulgaria, for which we paid BGN 3 billion, without any benefit (only harm) for our country;
  • He sabotaged the receipt of cheap Azeri gas after „Bulgargaz“ gave it up at GERB’s suggestion;
  • He sabotaged the transition of the Kozloduy NPP to alternative nuclear fuel and spare parts for the entire period of his management of 12 years;
  • He turned Lukoil into a monopolist in the fuel market, destroying competition and subjugating gas station chains;
  • Borissov appointed as the guardian of the state’s „golden share“ in Lukoil the person who signed the scandalous contract for the Belene NPP, which obliged us with BGN 1.3 billion to Russia. The same has not sent a single report to the government concerning Lukoil;
  • He allowed Kovacki and Dogan, together with the newly created energy OPG in GERB, not only to consume our energy, but also to stop its modernization;
  • Instead of trying to break Bulgaria out of Russia’s energy grip, he took pictures from a helicopter of the progress on the „Turkish Stream“ and then chased Putin through the corridors of Istanbul to show him the pictures. An unprecedented humiliation for the Bulgarian prime minister;
  • The height of Borissov’s insolence was the moment when he stood in front of the „Turkish Stream“ pipeline and explained that this would be Bulgaria’s gas diversification – legendary nonsense for a gas pipeline that carries gas transit to Serbia and Hungary, but paid by us. with capacity reserved by Gazprom.

Ivaylo Mirchev recalled that they proposed that Bulgaria take operational control over the refinery in Burgas, so that prices at gas stations could drop drastically.

Yes, today the office took off its pants in front of Putin and Gazprom, but not without the courtesy of Borisov himself. Our goal, however, is energy independence of Bulgaria, from any country, diverse suppliers and diversification of sources of energy raw materials, while former prime ministers are trying to play Vasko the Frog with rhetorical belly dances,„, the former deputy wrote in conclusion.

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