GERB Montana with a shoot – published a highway from China, claiming that it is near Mezdra

ГЕРБ Монтана с издънка
Снимка: Radina Ralcheva, Facebook

The local GERB organization in Montana made a serious blunder. In the afternoon yesterday, they published a photo of a facility that they claim is the new road junction near Mezdra.

However, the truth is quite different. The state-of-the-art highway, published by GERB Montana on the social network Facebook, is from China. This is certainly not the new road junction near Mezdra.

The news they had uploaded on the social network became a source of ridicule by citizens.

A woman worite:

“I really, really want to show you that. GERB Montana claims that this is a road junction near Mezdra. It is true that I have not been to that part of Bulgaria for at least three years, but still. We are now finally in a parallel world. (For the record, the photo is from China.)”

She also showed a screenshot from the publication of GERB Montana to illustrate their shoot.

After the reaction of the people, who obviously realized their blunder, they deleted their publication from the local party organization. The question remains as to why they posted a picture of a highway from China at all, and whether they really thought people would believe it was the new road junction near Montana. Apparently, party officials are really of the opinion that Prime Minister Boyko Borissov can build such a facility in Bulgaria as well.

And here are some of the reactions of citizens on the social network Facebook:

“They are not for resignation, but for certification!”

“Iskar doesn’t have any.”

“For several years now, I have not believed anything said by Borissov, any of his party or the adjacent media.”

“Interestingly, there has been no highway to Botevgrad for years, as there are several closed sections for repairs and there are hellish traffic jams. They’re obviously good with fantasies, but it’s not bad for something real to happen.”

“Hemus was started by 74. I was a year old. At the age of three I went to live with my grandparents in Botevgrad, so I went to the university. And really, since I’ve been traveling on this highway for 45 years, I don’t remember it ever having sections closed for repairs.”

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