Economist: Rising fuel prices is not justified

Photo: Pixabay

Currently, there is no reason to raise fuel prices in Bulgaria, said economist Georgi Angelov. According to him, gasoline is unlikely to exceed BGN 3, because our country is supplied with Russian oil. He commented:

Currently, fuel prices are mirroring. The more non-Russian oil becomes more expensive, the more Russian oil is sold at a discount, so there is no excuse for raising prices.“

The economist stressed that there was also speculation at the beginning of the COVID pandemic. According to him, it is the same now and in a few weeks things will return to normal. Angelov explained that initially people were afraid that the gasoline would run out, which is the reason for the huge queues in front of gas stations. He is adamant that exports should not be restricted. In the event of a protracted conflict in Ukraine, alternatives need to be sought for the upcoming heating season, adding:

„We have already felt inflation in the last six months. For us, the positive thing is that the heating season is over. The case is for the next one to end this famous connection with Greece. We haven’t been able to build a single pipe in 12 years.“

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