Disunity in MRF: First signs of internal conflicts

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The „Movement for Rights and Freedoms“ (MRF) for the first time in its history showed disunity in its ranks. This happened during today’s vote in Parliament on the GERB government – out of 45 MPs from the MRF, 30 supported the cabinet, 14 voted „against“ and Dzheyhan Ibryamov „abstained“. This vote highlighted the internal tensions within the party, which have so far remained hidden from the public.

The following MPs voted against the proposed government:

  • Alizan Nihat Yahova;
  • Andzhzey Veselinov Dzhandev;
  • Valentin Yovkov Tonchev;
  • Dzhevdet Ibryam Chakarov;
  • Edis Ruhiev Daudov;
  • Esheref Kyazim Esheref;
  • Levent Orhan Memish;
  • Mehmed Redzheb Salim;
  • Sevim Ismail Ali;
  • Timur Ahmedov Halilov;
  • Fatme Hasan Ramadan;
  • Habibe Kyazim Rasim;
  • Hayri Redzhzebov Sadakov;
  • Yusein Hasanov Veyselov;

These 14 MPs obviously do not follow the new line that MRF is beginning to outline under the leadership of Delyan Peevski.

The results of today’s vote are proof that Peevski currently has considerable power in the MRF and even greater than that of honorary leader Ahmed Dogan. Despite Dogan’s calls not to support the GERB cabinet, Peevski clearly stated that as party chairman he would vote „yes“. This decision was supported by 29 MPs, underlining the new internal hierarchy in the MRF.

We remind you that earlier today MP Ramadan Atalay stated:

„Peevski fires people in MRF without Dogan’s knowledge, their relations are in rupture.“

It was he who revealed that Dogan had ordered the MRF not to support the government proposed by GERB. His words about the rupture were confirmed during the vote on the „Zhelyazkov“ draft cabinet.

Political analysts and forecasts

Political analysts are already predicting severe internal clashes in the party. Peevski’s statement after the vote that there are 30 Euro-Atlantic MPs in the MRF underlines his intention to consolidate the party’s new line.

At the same time, many hope for the self-dissolution of the MRF, seeing in this an opportunity to free Bulgaria from a „tumor“ that, according to them, is killing the country gradually.

The question now is how the internal struggle in the MRF will develop and how this will affect the political landscape in Bulgaria. Tough battles and significant changes in the party’s structure and politics are expected.

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