Did Emil Kabaivanov expel the mayor of Kalofer from a meeting of mayors?

Д-р Емил Кабаиванов
Д-р Емил Кабаиванов. Снимка: Община Карлово, Фейсбук

The mayor of Karlovo, Dr. Emil Kabaivanov, expelled his Kalofer colleague Rumen Stoyanov from a gathering attended by all the mayors in the municipality of Karlovo. This is what the injured mayor claimed to Iskra.bg. According to him, the ugly incident took place on August 4.

“Colleagues from settlements in the Plovdiv region called me so that we could all gather and respect each other at the end of the current mandate. I replied that I would accept the invitation, but I would be late. I managed to arrive at the appointed place around 3:00 PM. I saw that Dr. Kabaivanov was also there, but there is nothing wrong with him since he decided to respect the gathering”, Stoyanov told an Iskra.bg journalist, continuing:

“About 10 minutes after sitting next to my colleagues I caught a question: “Have you given your budgets for 2024?” I was surprised by the question. Then Dr. Kabaivanov said: “My question is for Rumen Stoyanov.” Since I was not sure about the question asked, I asked him to repeat it. Then he began by saying, “Where are you, huh?!“ Get up and go! Did you hear what I told you?! Get up and go!”

“All the mayors froze, and the resulting situation was very confusing”, Stoyanov said. According to his words, he got up and naturally left, but before leaving he turned to the mayor of Karlovy Vary with the words:

“Mr. Kabaivanov, after one brandy you became a big man.”

Stoyanov is adamant that during the conflict his colleague consumed alcohol and added:

“He had been drinking, but it seems that in his eyes I am among the biggest enemies. Maybe because of the last poll and because I always shared my opinion about it. He is like a migratory bird, but it comes to Karlovo only to feed and snuggle, and then – to leave. Nothing connects it to Karlovo, it’s phenomenal. He is neither from Karlovy Vary, absolutely nothing can connect him to the city.”

Rumen Stoyanov revealed that according to the latest sociological surveys in the municipality of Karlovo, he is among the leaders, while his colleague had a breakdown in confidence. On this occasion, he commented:

“First of all, I thank all the people who have always stood behind me, because over the years I have proven that I am one of them. I have always fought for some kind of greater justice, but unfortunately there is no way to meet it yet in this situation. Especially when there is Kaba Effendi on the other side, which is currently deribing. This person has forgotten that he is the mayor of the Municipality, he has forgotten his functions as a mayor and what they mean.”

In this regard, during the meeting of July 29, the mayor of Kalofer made the following proposal to the Prime Minister Academician Nikolay Denkov:

“Mayors who have compromised themselves during their administration and had problems with the police, prosecutor’s office and court – should no longer be allowed to apply for this position. Dr. Emil Kabaivanov is on probation. He has been found guilty of profligacy on a particularly large scale, and this man will rule us.”

And on the occasion of the unpleasant incident during the gathering, Stoyanov noted that he received a call from his colleagues who were outraged by what happened. To them he wants to say: “Dr. Emil Kabaivanov is not eternal, we must work for the future of the state and we cannot let such people rule us.”

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