Demerdzhiev: Three senior officials allowed lighter punishments for Semerdzhiev

Interior Minister Ivan Demerdzhiev
Interior Minister Ivan Demerdzhiev. Photo: BTA

„The investigation of the Ministry of Internal Affairs officials who provided assistance to Georgi Semerdzhiev, who became notorious for the accident he caused on the capital’s Cherni vrah boulevard, ended. The report shows startling data. It has data that approximately 40 police officers in one way or another violated their duties or did not perform them conscientiously enough. There are two pending disciplinary proceedings.“

This is what Caretaker Interior Minister Ivan Demerdzhiev told journalists. According to him, one of the proceedings concerned police officer Simona Radeva, who „can hardly be called a police officer“. According to him, her behavior was incompatible with the position she held – assisting a person who committed a criminal act, including avoiding criminal liability. He specified:

„Three senior officials allowed person Semerdzhiev to be administratively punished, on the condition that there was sufficient evidence of crimes committed by him.“

Demerdzhiev also discussed road safety and road trauma issues as being his priority.

„We have identified as our priority the fight against drivers who drive after using narcotic substances, alcohol, without driving licenses. We have carried out a number of inspections in this direction, they have their results.“, the minister explained. He added that the main measures have been implemented since August 16 and that they will announce their data on September 16.

„We can no longer tolerate the development of this process in this direction, and we must get out of this trend by changing the situation. Measures should not be incidental and symptomatic, but should be permanent and produce results. Fortunately for me, the entire government accepted my strategy, and Prime Minister Donev announced this as a priority of the caretaker government. Today, it is important to outline the next steps and strategies to address this issue. Every institution that has its responsibility should get involved. I have a lot of faith in the decisions that will be made. So next year, let’s report progress in this area, and let’s be calm that we have done what is necessary to end the war on the roads.“, Caretaker Interior Minister Demerdzhiev stated.

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