Borislav Tsekov: The caretaker government owes a revision

Борислав Цеков
Борислав Цеков. Снимка: Wikimedia commons

Doctor of Law Borislav Tsekov announced that the governance in Bulgaria suffered from two deficits. One deficit was in the field of competence, and the other – in strategic thinking. He expressed doubts that the caretaker government would fill them. In addition, according to him, it had to abandon the approach of the previous two caretaker cabinets to be involved as an active player in the election campaign.

Tsekov commented to „BNR“ that Kiril Petkov’s government was failed with scandalous policies. Therefore, he expressed hope that the office would calm the situation, but this did not mean being toothless and silent about the outrages before them.

On the contrary. An assessment and an analysis of what was found had to be done, because this transparency was due to society. Ignoring the issues would make the situation even more toxic.

Tsekov is of the opinion that it is realistic to think that this caretaker cabinet, in terms of structure and composition, is from the same political strata that had a decisive say in the launch of Kiril Petkov’s government. Therefore, something radically different from what we have seen in the last one year could not be expected.

According to the doctor of law, the failure to form a political and governing alternative has begun to restore the political legitimacy of the opposition formations.

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