BOETS: We filed a report of organized crime against Geshev, Peevski and Lazov

Снимка: БОЕЦ
Снимка: БОЕЦ

Representatives of the civil association BOETS (Fighter) announced that they would launch new reports against Prosecutor General Ivan Geshev for concealing a crime and a crime against justice, as well as against Delyan Peevski for the embezzlement and bankruptcy of the CCB. The representatives of the organization gathered in front of the Palace of Justice in Sofia, where they presented documents with data on Peevski’s loans in the CCB and asked once again how the number one prosecutor in our country had not seen these data in the case.

„The documents are originals and handwritten notes from the personal archive of Biser Lazov – the main witness of the prosecution in the KTB bankruptcy case,“, they clarified on Facebook, adding that they would also announce what was happening with their reports against Boyko Borissov for corruption and Halil Letifov for money laundering.

„We are expecting a request from the Prosecutor’s Office to lift the immunity of Boyko Borissov and Halil Letifov. We also expect Georgi Georgiev from BOETS to be presented with the new charges on Peevski’s order. We will present additional information on this topic. We expect all free journalists and media, to whom we will provide copies of the signal and the documents. We also welcome citizens who are interested in our activities. We will also officially invite the MPs from „We Continue the Change – Democratic Bulgaria“ to personally acquaint themselves with the information we will present,“, BOETS further urged.

The association stated that they would also make an important announcement about their actions regarding the documents for Peevski’s loans at the CCB.

A few minutes later, BOETS announced the creation of a civil media consortium between them, the investigative journalism site „BIRD.BG“ and the Anti-Corruption Fund for research, analysis and disclosure of the information in the documents from the personal archive of Biser Lazov, containing data on the loans of the companies related to Delyan Peevski and Irena Krasteva from the CCB, which the Prosecutor General has not seen.

„On behalf of BOETS, we thank the colleagues from BIRD.BG and the ACF for their agreement and willingness to join this initiative of BOETS, so that together we can announce the truth about this mega-robbery and the role of Geshev and Peevski in it. We will provide full access to the documents. Today, we filed a report of organized crime against Geshev, Peevski and Lazov and we started,“, the association concluded.

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