Arch. Milkov: The spirit of Old Burgas is disappearing, and „Bogoridi“ boulevard has resembled Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar

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„Unfortunately, about 1/3 of the old buildings – monuments of culture have fallen into disrepair, and in general they have been destroyed. In their place, new residential buildings have been constructed that have no relation to the character of this environment, to the type of construction, which is two-storey. These new buildings look quite brash, arrogant, pretentious … in general, the spirit of the old city is going away.“

This was commented by Chairman of the Board of the Chamber of Architects in Bulgaria Arch. Vladimir Milkov in front of journalists in Burgas. He added: „Especially „Bogoridi“ street, which had such a Mediterranean flavor – the main buildings on it were created by an Italian architect – Riccardo Toscani. Cast iron fences no longer exist, as do forged fences and doors. Gradually, „Bogoridi“ became like Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar, let’s put it that way, and that Mediterranean flavour that is characteristic only of Burgas and nowhere else was almost lost and we were somehow going to become a purely oriental city. They closed the nice courtyards with some pavilions to sell all kinds of goods. Moreover, this is happening with the consent of the National Institute of Architectural Heritage.“

The Chamber of Architects in Bulgaria has received numerous civil reports, Arch. Milkov revealed and gave an example:

„Last time things got out of control was in the case of a very characteristic house – I think it was on „Slavyanska“ street with a double entrance, with a column in the middle – it was taken off the Monuments List – I think in 2009. Of course, it was the dream of all these owners, but they were right about themselves –to sell it or call in a developer to do a 4/5-story building and compensate them with one or two apartments. It was not the citizens’ fault here, it was the state’s fault.“

The expert explained that at the moment the state has completely withdrawn from any commitments and has transferred the preservation of the old buildings either to the municipalities or to private owners. According to him, the Municipality of Burgas does a lot, but where the buildings are its property or where there is state property. According to him, mainly European funds are used for this purpose.

Arch. Milkov believes that the most important step is to develop a management plan for the Old Town, to change the general development plan, to change the specific rules and norms in a favorable direction, and to develop regimes.

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