Aggression in the National Assembly: MPs pulled Mitev and Kostadinov apart

National Assembly
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An MP from “We continue the change“ political party opposed leader of „Vazrazhdane“ Kostadin Kostadinov and thus led to aggression and tension in the plenary hall. The reason was a dispute over the Act on Final Criminal Case Records, after Iskren Mitev called Kostadin Kostadinov Mr. Kopeikin:

„Several things became clear. It became clear that Mr. Kopeikin sold the people, bought a house with their money, and turned the money he had left into euros.“

Kostadinov replied on the microphone, „I’ll go to this idiot and break his snout!“

Due to the fight, Kristian Vigenin, who chaired the sitting, released the MPs for a short break.

The „Vazrazhdane“ party is ready to address the Bulgarian people and collect the necessary number of signatures for a referendum on the introduction of the euro. This was stated in a statement from the rostrum of the National Assembly by the party chairman before the scandal broke out. He pointed out:

The truth is that the introduction of the euro will not lead to wealth, stability and prosperity, but to impoverishment, inflation and unemployment. This will be a death for the economy, income and savings of the Bulgarian people. In a legal and democratic state, there is no way for ten people to make a decision that affects the destinies of millions of Bulgarians, and not just anything, but a decision that destroys the Bulgarian currency.“

Previously, scandals on all topics on the public agenda marked the first plenary day. GERB is attacking the cabinet’s policy of dealing with the refugee crisis. Disputes continued over the adoption of the euro. „Vazrazhdane“ was called an assault on financial sovereignty. The third topic that caused controversy among the MPs was the Act on Final Criminal Case Records.

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