A new episode of the battle for one of the symbols of Burgas

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Община Бургас. Снимка: Искра.бг

A new episode of the battle for one of the symbols of Burgas – the commercial site „The Mushroom“, took place today in the Administrative Court. The case between the Municipality of Burgas, which appealed against the previous court decisions, and the owner of the site, Rauf Sabah, was eventually postponed to 24 June.

In the courtroom, Sabah’s lawyer presented documents that Burgas Municipality denied it had in its possession, including the building permit, a regularisation certificate, a design visa and a document on approved schemes with the signature and stamp of the regional governor.

These were disputed by Burgas Municipality’s legal advisor Stanimir Dimitrov, who said the copies lacked „true to original“ signatures and it was not clear which person had certified the documents. For this reason, the case was postponed to 24 June, when it is expected to have a final development.

The witness Radomir Uzunov, who identified himself as the inspirer of the idea to rebuild the „Mushroom“ at the beginning in 92 and approached a company for its design, also spoke in the courtroom. He confirmed that the site was the same and had not been altered in those years.

After the end of the hearing Rauf Sabah stated that it was not right for the Municipality to deny that it had the important documents that were presented in the courtroom today.

“They are obliged to keep documents as it is a service to the citizens. Unfortunately today I witnessed that we are paying people who are working against the people and against the business. I do not understand why the Municipality continues to deny the existence of these documents.

He addressed Mayor Dimitar Nikolov, saying that his employees are not doing their job and do not deserve the salaries they receive.

Is Burgas Municipality hiding the existence of important documents about the „Mushroom“ in the Sea Garden?

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Малоумници, пишете на български! Писането на чужд език не ви прави по- умни. Дори и това, о Неразумни…

9 дни по-рано

Това ли е“ Да запазим искрата“?