10 years since the attack against Dogan and the events with Peevski and CCB: Some of the heroes are now in the National Assembly

Ахмед Доган и Октай Енимехмедов
Ахмед Доган и Октай Енимехмедов. Снимка: Скрийншот от видео на "bTV"

Today, marks the 10th anniversary of the attempted assassination of Ahmed Dogan. On January 19, 2013, during the 8th National Conference of the MRF, Oktay Enimehmedov took the stage and pointed a gas gun at the honorary chairman of the party. The weapon jammed and only clicked. At the same moment, Dogan pushed away the gunman’s hand, a short fight ensued between the two, during which Dogan fell down and the then secretary and current chairman of the MRF Mustafa Karadayi pounced on the attacker.

Enimehmedov was arrested and charged. On 26 February, the Sofia City Court sentenced him to 3 years and 6 months, as he was found guilty of threatening to kill and acquitted on the charge of attempted murder. The shooter was then released under house arrest, with suggestions that this was done with the agreement to reveal who ordered the attack.

Our political elite have strongly condemned the attack, as many have described it. It was not long before the question arose as to whether this was indeed an attack or an attempt to achieve certain political ends. Many analysts and experts have commented on what happened. According to some of them, it was a deliberate staging aimed at raising the authority and rallying the MRF’s electorate, as well as to impose Lutvi Mestan as chairman.

On the occasion of the event, the famous Facebook user Teodor Mihaylov wrote a short but extremely informative post. We publish it without editorial interference:

„10 years since the „assassination“ against Dogan in NDK.

On January 19, 2013, while MRF leader Ahmed Dogan was delivering his report to the 8th MRF conference, Oktay Enimehmedov came on stage and made 2 unsuccessful attempts to shoot him in the head with a gas gun.

Then old thugs beat him like a dog, almost pulling down his trousers and there are calls to kill him.

Why the NSS, who were protecting the chairman at the time, were missing at this point remains the biggest mystery in the case.

Oktay then served a sentence of (note) „for hooliganism and threatening to kill the honorary leader of the MRF Ahmed Dogan“ of 3.6 years for about 2 years.

It is never clear what made him so radicalized that he decided to do all this.

Many of the heroes in those events are now in Parliament, in the European Parliament or have been promoted.

One might ask whether all these events have a connection with each other.

That’s an insulting question, isn’t it?“

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