Vasil Bozhkov

The Prosecutor’s Office: The people of Bojkov can follow magistrates and family members

During the July 3 operation of the Special Prosecutor's Office related to the pre-trial proceedings against the organised criminal group (OCG) for committing extortion,...

Healthy children are quarantined, families are not entitled to sick leave and the reaction...

Why are all children from a group in a kindergarten in Sofia quarantined after they have given negative results for coronavirus tests? Why can...
Президентът. Снимка: Фейсбук, Румен Радев

Radev urged the prosecutor’s office to post the whole chat of Plamen Uzunov

“The only way for the prosecutor's office to show that it is not acting manipulatively is to publish the full chat, as I suggested...
Prime Minister Boyko Borisov

PM Borissov: I am not leading a war! I have personally helped Bobokov before

“I am not leading a war! I build factories, new roads, and supercomputers,” said PM Boyko Borissov in response to President Rumen Radev’s critics...
Detained terrorist in Burgas.

Detained for terrorism man in Burgas was radicalised by his father

The prosecutor's office revealed information about the speculation in Burgas yesterday, during which a young man connected with terrorist activity was detained. It turns...
The alleged conversation between Plamen Bobkov and President Rumen Radev

Bobоkov requested appointment of “serious ambassador in Nigeria” from President Radev

Bulgaria’s Specialised Appeal Prosecutor's Office published screenshots of a chat conversation between two participants named Plamen Bobоkov and “Prezident - Rumen Radev” from September...
Prof. Todor Kantardzhiev

Prof. Kantardzhiev: Bulgarians tend to hide that they are ill and this is dangerous

Currently, the infection of COVID-19 in our country is in outbreaks in the districts, while in Sofia the spread is diffuse. This was explained by...

Environmentalists welcomed the July Morning with a procession to Alepu

Environmentalists gathered at Alepu's retaining wall this morning to hold a peaceful procession entitled “July for Nature 2000”. To support their demands, dozens of...
VAT Bulgaria

Starting today: Lower VATS – which products are about to get cheaper?

Value-Added Tax (VAT) for diapers, children’s food products, books, and restaurant services in Bulgaria is being lowered as of today.  Major retail companies selling children’s...
Prime Minister Boyko Borisov

The Prime Minister announced a new design for the 60/40 social assistance measure

During a meeting of the Council of Ministers today, Prime Minister Boyko Borisov called for the support of a new design of the measure...
Money coins

The minimum amount of the retired pay in Bulgaria remains BGN250

Over 2 million and 90 thousand pensioners will receive an increase in the amount of their retired pay and/or supplements. This will happen on...
PM Borissov during virus task force meeting

PM Borissov meeting with coronavirus taskforce: Stock up on protective clothing, masks, shields, and...

PM Boyko Borissov held on Tuesday a meeting with the Bulgarian virus task force. It was attended by Health Minister Kiryl Ananiev and the...

Simeonov: Over the last weekend the beaches on the Southern Black Sea Coast were...

Over the past weekend, the beaches on the Southern Black Sea Coast were full, with Primorsko and Sozopol "cracking at the seams." Unfortunately, tourists...
Hristo Hristov in the middle.

Bulgarian Football Union Presidential Candidate: I gave money to manipulate the result of a...

The candidate for new president of the Bulgarian Football Union and former president of the football team "Maritsa Plovdiv" - Hristo Hristov said that...
Minister Vulchev

Equal access to quality education is key for reducing school dropout rates

Seventh graders of average and high performance have improved their results at the final exams from this month, but those of lower performance have...
Prime Minister Boyko Borisov

Bezlov commenting on the recordings with Borissov: There are two hypotheses – they come...

"This is part of the election campaign. This is one hypothesis. The other is to say - revenge with an Arabic flavor. How exactly...
Bulgarian Parliament

MPs unanimously approve Bulgarian budget update

MPs unanimously approved Bulgarian budget update on second reading making their decision final. The budget revision includes loan guarantees that will be at disposal of...

There are two detained senior officers of The Directorate-General for the Fight against Organized...

The head of the Department for Counteracting Drug Trafficking and Drug Distribution from the Directorate-General for the Fight against Organized Crime (DCFAOC) was detained...
Dr. Angel Kunchev

Dr. Kunchev in Burgas: Our southern Black Sea coast is free of coronavirus

The southern Black Sea coast is free of COVID-19. This is shown by the results of a large-scale study completed today. It covered besides...
Minister of Education and Science Krasimir Valchev

Bulgarian Ministry of Education and Science proposes integral tests for 7th-grade final exams

Bulgarian Ministry of Education and Science proposed integral tests for 7th-grade final exams, announced Minister of Education and Science Krasimir Vulchev.  He said the suggestion...


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